A lot has been going on since Sunday…

Nothing grew on the blood cultures that were run – thankfully! So what she has is a virus and not bacterial. On Tuesday she received her scheduled chemo of Vincristine which kicks off five days of steroids. Her counts dropped to 400 from 800 on Sunday making her neutropenic. This requires us to be even more cautious than usual, and avoid public places at all cost with her. The blisters that were on her lip had seemed to spread into her mouth making it very painful for her to eat, then even eventually drink. That accompanied with her being lethargic, sent us to the clinic again today. We found out that her ANC dropped yet again to 300- which is a bit concerning. She was also extremely dehydrated and required two 300 ML’s of saline and one dose of bolus. She remained accessed as we are due to return tomorrow for an additional dose of each. We hope that will give her the boost she needs to return to the sassy little girl that is Lauren.

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