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LivFree provides kids and their families an experience to help give them a break from treatment and provide some family fun time.

— Our why —

Lauren Irene

— Our why —

Lauren Irene

Lauren Irene Vieira was diagnosed with Leukemia on February 11th, 2015. On the days leading up to her diagnosis her parents, Daniel and Katrina, grew alarmed due to a change in her personality.

Like most children, Lauren was an active 16 month old whom loved playing with her older brother, Armando and canine brother, Dexter.

Lauren had become lethargic with sporadic fevers and mild bruising, preventing her from keeping up with her regular activities. Concerned that these changes continued to progress, Daniel and Katrina scheduled an appointment for a checkup. There, they learned her blood counts were abnormal and the following hours unfolded to reveal her diagnosis to be Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.

At that time, 75% of her blood was cancerous. She has faced numerous nights in the hospital, blood transfusions, chemotherapy, lumbar punctures and countless medications, and has shown nothing but strength and grace through every turn down her long road to recovery.

The Vieiras began to understand how difficult it was to provide a sense of normalcy for their family between treatments, doctors visits and complications. It is with this experience that LIVFREE was created.

Being on the front lines of pediatric cancer and its effects on daily life gave us a special perspective.

As we went through treatments with our daughter, Lauren, she was not allowed to be inside of public places. This meant our “normal” daily tasks, such as going to the supermarket with her, were now not allowed.

Lauren only left the house for doctors visits for over 8 months. We couldn’t go to baseball games, the circus or even birthday parties. It felt as though some of her childhood was taken away from her with this disease.

Medically, her body couldn’t handle it and, financially, we couldn’t afford it. This is where LIVFREE was created.

Whether it be a visit to a movie theater, a sporting event or anything in between, we want families to have something to look forward to during their tough time.

Lauren is now six years old and in the first grade. Two years after finishing her treatment, she continues to inspire people with her story of strength and courage.

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