This picture represents so much to us. Lauren had the cancer but we all were there to fight it with her. We can’t stress enough how much the family unit is effected when a child is diagnosed with cancer. Lauren’s brother, Armando, was such a trooper. Often, we had to keep him away from other kids when Lauren’s immune system was comprised. He missed out on many things but we did what we could to keep a sense of “normalcy”. He was such a great brother while she was going through treatment too. He would always look after her and frequently ask questions. Although he was young, he understood that Lauren was sick and he always cared for her. He helped keep her morale high and we believe that he played a major role in helping her throughout treatment. This is why LIVFREE focuses so much on the family. We know that siblings are also in the battle…. 

Photo credit: Sandro de Carvalho

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