Today’s Throw Back Thursday is dedicated to the inspiration behind LivFree, Lauren. Through every needle ouchy, chemo treatment, belly ache, pill swallowing, doctors visits, bruises, fevers and everything else cancer put on her, she NEVER lost her smile. EVER.

The kids usually don’t lose their smile. They are strong beyond measure, every single one of them. The parents are different. We cry often, sleep very little, and worry every single minute. We get sick at the thought of our kids having cancer. We involuntarily go back to the moment we were told. We struggle to move forward. It’s very, very hard.

This is why our mission is so important. If we can provide just one hour for the family to be together, enjoying a moment of laughter and smiles, then we accomplished our mission. The smiles are so important to the whole family. With your help, we will continue to fight pediatric cancer with smiles.

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