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And the Yankees Win!!!

On a beautiful summer night a young man named Brandon was able to take a break from chemo therapy and enjoy a Yankee game with his father. He is fighting leukemia and has been recently admitted to the hospital for impatient chemo. 

He was discharged just in time to attend the Yankee game. It was a very fitting game for him to be at. In the bottom of the ninth the Yanks were down 7-3 and the game seemed all but over. All of a sudden they put a few hits together and the game was tied. Then Didi Gregorius came to the plate with a man on and he belted a pitch into the stands for the walk off home run. I’m pretty sure Brandon understood what happened there. The Yankees, despite the adversity, never quit and came out victorious.

Brandon, your energy in infectious. You have a glow that lightens up the room (even a dreary hospital room). We know the battle you have ahead of you is going to be a tough one. 

When things get hard, just think back to this game. Think back about how in the bottom of the ninth the yanks kept fighting and pulled it off. Then step up to the plate and be like Didi Gregorius.


Meet Jimmy. A survivor of Bi-lateral Retinoblastoma.

Jimmy’s cancer was discovered at 26 months old. He fought hard for 5 1/2 years through a gauntlet of treatments and procedures. His family is happy to report they are 5 years clear. He is very excited to be turning 13 this October.

Jimmy was only the 8th child in the world to receive an experimental procedure called inter-arterial chemotherapy. There was a tremendous amount of risk but it proved successful and has since become standard procedure for treating thousands of patients. The best part is that most of these kids are keeping their eyes now because of the knowledge gained from the trials.

Because of your support we were able to send Jimmy and his father to a Yankee game. It was a special night as they faced their bitter rivals, the Red Sox. From the looks of it, they had a blast.

He will be attending 8th grade at Flood Middle School and plans to run for president of the student body this year while maintaining his straight A average!

He is incredibly proud to have taken part in that now that he is old enough to understand.


Meet the Warner-Garcia family. Their youngest son, Matthew, beat brain cancer.

He has been such an inspiration to so many families within the cancer community and he even volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House.

When LIVFREE had approached the family they said that they loved the Red Sox. We instantly knew that we would work to get them there. One of our teammates pulled some strings and we got them tickets to a game. To make this an even better experience, they were also given access to the field during batting practice.

Every single person that has supported LIVFREE has had a huge impact and we are making this world a little better one family at a time.

Sesame Street

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

Our little buddy, Cameron, enjoyed some time away from hospitals, doctors, and chemo this past weekend. His family enjoyed spending time with Elmo and Cameron’s other favorite Sesame characters. 

Thank you to all of our supporters for helping put this wonderful smile on his face, he is more than deserving of it.


Meet Ryan, he is currently fighting leukemia.

He is an energetic boy that loves machines. We couldn’t think of a better place than Diggerland USA for him and his family to spend some time. As you can see below he had a great time!

We met him and his family while he and Lauren were being treated for Leukemia. Boys have a longer treatment than girls but Ryan is finishing up his chemo soon. After 3 years of intense treatment, he has already had his last dose of intravenous chemo and will finish treatment altogether in the next few weeks.


Helping 80 families and Counting!

A couple weeks ago we connected with our 80th family. We were able to provide flights from Minnesota to NYC and a few tickets to some attractions. The highlight was checking out a Knicks game vs the Minnesota Timberwolves (their home team). 

They were able to meet the coach and players in the locker room and got some autographs!

We are so blessed to have supporters like you all to help us provide some much-needed family time. This family experienced a trip they will never forget.


Kiara visits the Big Apple.

A beautiful young girl named Kiara and her family enjoyed a trip to New York City.

We were able to provide tickets to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Empire State Building! 

The great people at the Wagner Hotel in Battery Park graciously upgraded them to one of their best suites.

The Sanders family had a great time as they were able to escape the chemo treatments and everything else associated with pediatric cancer, even if only for one weekend.

A break and a sense of normalcy are so important to the morale of the children and the family.

Please wish Kiara luck with her continued battle.


Celtics and Grayson #1

A young boy, Grayson, who recently finished his chemotherapy for leukemia was able to spend some quality time with his mom. 

With the help of one of our LivFree families, we were able to hook them up with great seats at the Celtics game. By the smile on his face, it looks like he had a blast!

More than friends in treatment.

Oliver (left) and Brian (right) had two different cancers but were treated at the same time, the same place.

They met briefly while they were fighting cancer and they met again while they bunked together at camp for patients and survivors. Both have done an outstanding job fighting their respective battles.

Apparently, they had more in common as both are huge Lebron James fans. Lebron and company were in Brooklyn to face the Nets and LIVFREE was able to link them back up and provide tickets for them to see the King in action. So blessed to be able to provide this night out for two very deserving young men and their families.

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